Cosmetic Dentistry

Reconstruction of fractured or carious(having a cavity) teeth using tooth coloured composite (plastic) filling material. These filling materials are available in over 25 shades. Hence it is possible to find the exact match of a person’s tooth colour and restore it perfectly. For the teeth that are not visible externally as patient smiles or speaks, silver amalgam or glass ionomer cements can be used for restoration.

This procedure involves providing a layer of filling material on the facial aspect of the teeth in patients having discoloured/fractured/unaesthetic front teeth. We also offer facial veneers made of colour matched ceramic material which provides a natural appearance to the patient.

Whitening (bleaching) of teeth
We fabricate custom made trays (vacuum pressed bio-plastic material) on the patients tooth model and then use a special formulation that is spread on the tray and inserted into the patients mouth for a stipulated amount of time. Following the professional whitening, we provide you with the trays and a do-it-yourself whitening solution for periodic maintenance.

Elimination of white spots and therapy for de-calcified teeth
We offer you a professional means of eliminating de-calcified spots on your teeth using a special tooth mousse which arrests further de-calcification and encourages re-calcification by providing a rich and concentrated burst of calcium and phosphate ions.

Smile Design
We use a combination of cosmetic re-contouring, veneers or composite build-up, ceramic crowns or bridges and minor Orthodontics, where necessary, to restore your smile into an aesthetically appealing one. The treatment plan is based on the individual preferences.
Our Aligner systems are equipped to provide you with a before & after treatment smile on the spot to help in your decision making process.

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