Periodontics (Gum Disorders)

During our first counselling session we educate our patients about the need to maintain good oral hygiene. We also demonstrate to them the ideal brushing techniques. We also advise them on a home oral-care regimen that is ideally suited for them. This regime may comprise of an appropriate tooth brush, toothpaste, mouth rinse/gel and dental floss.

  • In Patients maintaining poor gum conditions, we offer a range of therapies depending on the severity of the gum disorder.
  • In mild gum enlargement & bleeding while brushing with/without bad odour in the mouth (halitosis) -> an oral prophylaxis (Scaling) could be instituted. The procedure utilizes ultra-sonic scaling instruments with gentle vibrations to dislodge the unwanted deposits (plaque and calculus) from the surface of the teeth. It also enables quick removal of extrinsic stains (caused due to excessive intake of tea, coffee, smoking or chewing tobacco)
  • In patients with severe gum diseases, root planning and gingival curettage are slightly more involved operations that are necessary.
  • Gum surgeries (flap surgeries) with or without bone graft may be rendered, if warranted, in patients in whom the teeth have been exposed at its neck due to gum recession/pocket formation/bone-loss. These are minor surgical procedures done under local anesthesia and antibiotic coverage. A periodontal pack or dressing is provided in the local area where the surgery was performed to allow rapid and undisturbed healing. To promote quick and undisturbed healing, we apply a periodontal pack or dressing where the procedure was done.

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