Covid Precautions

Over the last 2 years we have been committed to investing in safety equipments and have been constantly revamping our SOPs with regards to the covid-19 pandemic as per the recommended ICMR guidelines. To our already top of the line sterilization and hygiene measures we have added the following to ensure your utmost safety:

1) For the waiting area – heavy duty chemical and ultraviolet fogging machine
2) For the clinical chair side – HEPA filters and chemical disinfection of the surfaces
3) For the instruments-sterilization in Class-B autoclave (Euronda), followed by UV light disinfection and by cold sterilization in a disinfectant solution
4) For dental assistants and health professionals – PPEs, gloves, N95 mask and face shield, 3M respirators used during aerosol procedures
5) For patients prior to examination – hand sanitizer, chemical fogging on clothing and povidone-iodine oral antimicrobial mouth-rinses
6) For aerosol control – heavy duty extra oral suction and limiting all aerosol generation procedures in a sealed & sterile cabin.